Trudging through the wasteland of apocalypse and seeking the light of hope.

HAAK is a retro, apocalyptic theme’s Metroidvania Game with Retro Art- Style.

Fluid movement and unique weapon settings provide the foundation for a fast and pleasant experience.

Faster Pace

Unlike previous platform action games, difficult gameplay is not the aim; on the contrary, it is our hope that every player could have the fun of passing through the game. But for the hardcore players, the extra challenges won’t disappoint, and they’ll lead you to more secrets of the story.

Electric Hook

Electric Hook, as one of the weapons for Haak, not only as a weapon to attack the enemy in battle, but also could be used as a tool to trigger remote mechanisms for solving puzzles and as a tether to jump over obstacles.

Side Quest & Stingers

HAAK sets a plenty of hidden side quests, foreshadowing and stingers. Through continuous exploration in the game, players could get various of information about the background story and characters, and interpret the deeper content through them, so that each game experience is fresh and not repeated.


Haak will be available on

A big variety of puzzles designed support players seeking the truth during the process of exploration.


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